Our evening youth services in the last few weeks have been all about the Supremacy of Scripture. We have been seeking to examine the various characteristics that the Bible holds, which set is above and beyond any other source of authority, information and life. As a result, I have been studying this topic for the last few weeks. As a result, theres a few things I have noticed in how we often approach the Bible. 

I am seeing more and more the reality of how easily we christians miss the point of the Bible. Sure we love it. Sure we cherish it. Sure we read it. And it is precisely because of this that we are so prone to miss the point of the way that this book is supposed to function in our lives. 

Just because you are a Christian, and always read your Bible does not mean that the Bible is playing the correct role in your life. Let me illustrate with the following anecdote: 

Bill was a devoted construction worker. He loved to build houses, he loved the smell of saw dust in the crisp morning air, he loved spending countless hours around his buddies talking about everything and nothing as they worked. So, naturally Bill great valued his large, framing hammer. This was his most important tool. He used it nonstop through out his day. It was his paperweight as he examined the house blueprints in the morning. He used it as a backscratcher, he used in at a pointer, he used it as a nail-puller. He even used the flat side of it as a spoon. He used it so much, for so many things that is was not even noticeable to him or to the people around him that he never actually nailed any nails with it. 

As the story illustrates, it is possibly the reason that we DO spend so much time around the Bible, that we are susceptible to easily missing its central point. And I really don’t think that this is a coincidence. 

Considering what the New Testament says about Satan masking himself as an angel of light we know that his main interest is wrong theology or teaching. It is Satan’s goal to get people to come just short of the truth. He wants us to be close enough to it that we don’t feel too sinful, but far enough from it for God to not work through his truth.

What are the reasons that christianity comes to the Bible?
The Bible is an encouraging and strengthening book – it is the christian’s source of    strength
The bible is a spiritual book and as a person reads it more and more and understands it, they become more and more spiritual
The Bible is the basic instruction of how to live a good life
The Bible is a book that is full of very many good truths and thoughts that we need to pay attention to
The Bible tells you what you need to do to be blessed by God
The Bible is a spiritually uplifting book
And many more….

Although some of these reasons are not had reasons per se, they do not comprehensively inform a person of the central reasons we need the word of God. Considering such passages as Romans 3, we can see that the two main problems of man (which are very much intertwined) are pride and twisted sinful thinking. Accordingly, the two central needs of man are humility before the supremacy of God and instruction from him about the meaning of life. We are to come to the Bible with the pressing understanding that without it’s instruction, we cannot think and function properly in our lives. 
Sure we read our Bibles often. But why? What is the motive the drives us? Let us examine our hearts carefully so that we may not do all the right things but miss the main point as we daily come to the Scriptures.