It continues to amaze me how all of christianity is built on one simple message. One simple message that influences every single aspect of our life. One simple message that is studied and preached hundreds and hundreds of times in a person’s life. And it never really seems to get old!… or does it?

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend Reality Conference down in Vancouver Washington, which was geared to direct the minds of young people back to the significance of the foundational christian message which they claim to believe. As I sat and observed the message being preached,  the people and all that was there I was struck by this simple fact: how is it that all we do, in biblical christianity, is hear, think, and apply the same message over and over again?
The gospel (the overarching theme/message of the entire Bible about God, creation, humanity’s rebellion, and Christ’s saving work) is a message unlike any other. It is the message of God’s salvation and restoration of sinners to a right relationship with him. And even though it has been the focal point of christianity for a couple of thousand years, the depth of its implications for life are often missed by christians.

It is easy for one to let the message get old, and to seek joy and source of strength and meaning in something else. But the only reason that this so often happens is because we fail to see the fact that the gospel not only saves a person from hell – it changes their whole life.

The message of Jesus Christ has vast implications for every single aspect of life. One of the main observations that theologians make when they study the Bible’s teaching on salvation is the fact that it is one long inseparable process. Because of the fact that we still live in a world that is greatly impacted and influenced by sin, we are not only in need of being saved from the consequence of sin (hell), we are also in need of being saved from the influence of sin.

This is where the beauty of the Gospel comes through. The gospel is an necessary for the saint as it is for the sinner. In the same way that it opens the door to salvation, it also opens the door for practical daily change.

Jesus Christ saves. But he also frees people from the influence of sin, and changes their thinking, giving them the ability to live and think in congruence with God’s thoughts and purposes for creation and life. This has been a very important and challenging reminder for me in the past few weeks.