A friend of mine recently posted the following words online and i couldn’t help but comment on them – 

“”when I was near shelves of book I came alive almost as if I were picking up emanations. I felt a sense of perspective, of scale, of a solace of the idea of generations as well as a great desire to do things on my own to achieve.” -Sven Birkerts

this quote makes me wonder, why has this type of adolescent mindset not bloom in most christians, me being one of them. If Luther, Calvin, Edwards or any other of the great men had the same amount of resources as we do….. how much more would they have produced and knew? and what prevents us of doing even more?”

My thoughts – 

I think this proves a point – the depth of fruitfulness of life is not at all dependent upon the resources as it is on the mindset and conviction of the heart. 

In the end the fruits are all of God. 

However, the question lies – are we willing to devote ourselves to lives that are willing to spend themselves for the magnification of his glory? or will we rather do something less demanding…but if we chose the less significant are we not saying that GOD is less significant, that GOD is not worth the effort? And is this attitude of mediocrity even worse than flat out rebellion against him? 

Although we don’t agree that God is only of mediocre significance we still often act like it because of the depth of the influence of sin on our hearts. This is why we are to repeatedly come to the gospel in need of mental and spiritual reorientation and redirection. 

A christian who is constantly reoriented and empowered by the gospel never stops being excited about it and never ceases to produce fruit. This is the simple source of the Spurgeons and Calvins and Luthers of history.