You know, I really think that the world of healthcare in general and nursing in particular really show the beauty of humanity and the beauty of God’s imprinted image in us….something that has been on my mind this past month. There is just something that is especially wonderful about the picture of one person stooping down to help another in a great time of need.

Recently at work, I had the opportunity to talk to a man who was scheduled for open heart surgery in the morning. He was a very intelligent man, with a history of a great career. Yet facing this situation, he was nervous and uneasy about the whole thing and didn’t really know what to expect. As I was in the room helping him with some surgery prep stuff, I just took a little bit of time to tell him about what to expect before and after, what kind of care he was going to get, who was going to be monitoring him at all times, and so on. It was quite amazing to see the impact that that one 15 minute conversation had on him. Sure he was still nervous, but just having someone there to reassure and talk him through the scary procedure ahead gave him a great sense of relief and assurance. He thanked me three or four times before I left the room.

Leaving the room, I was once again reminded why I work in the field that I do. One of the great implications of the fact that we live in a universe owned by a great God is the fact that we are built in his image to reflect his character. We are not here to merely survive. We are not merely a race of highly advanced biological machines who’s main goal is to reproduce as much as possible before we die. We are creatures built with purpose, beauty, desire and intelligence.

We are valuable because we derive our value from the one who made us. Thus we are to value one another and seek to show love and altruism, and even as we do that we mirror the love that our great God has for us. Even if I can’t do this man the great service of performing open heart surgery, I can come in there and reflect the great beauty and character of my God. I can give him a glimpse of the compassion of the Christ who has filled my life. I can think of no better place to do this outside of St. Joe’s Medical Center.