As I am in the process of preparing for the 2011 youth camp, I have to tear myself away from it to write down something that has really come back to life within me in these last 48 hours. Writing the outline for my message in camp, I am reminded once again how much I love to write. It is one of the most powerful, free, challenging, influential and therapeutic parts of my life. 

In writing, you are free to use your mind to construct ideas and arguments that can be used as tools to challenge those around you with the specific convictions that have burned themselves into your heart and mind. The pen (or keyboard) is indeed mightier than the sword in its ability to blast ideas into the minds of the readers and cause them to see things that they have never seen before. 

What is particularly energizing to me in my process of writing is the potency of the ideas that drive my own life and mind. As I am challenged with the truths of the Bible, as I wrestle with the principles that it presents and compare them to the mass push of ideas that I face in the world around, I see that they stand up strong – I am all the more energized to rethink them and pen them in my own words to challenge those around me in a fresh and unique way. 

Not that I am anything wise or amazing in and of my, but as I am challenged and instructed by the truths of this amazing book I cannot but write about them. I love the imagery of the prophet Jeremiah who said that if he tries to shut up and not talk about the things that God was working in his life and mind, it was like their was fire in his bones – he could not shut up (Lam. 1:13). 

I love to write for the glory of God and have no doubt that I will spend a good chunk of my life doing so. What drives your mind?