I understand that many people have a problem with a God who has wrath on sin. But thinking a little deeper about the issue, I think that the Bible’s presentation of the wrath of God is evidence to something powerfully positive about him, rather than something negative.
Think about it. Wrath is the righteous response to the attack on something you love. The more you love the great will be the wrath against that which is attacking something that you love. A world without wrath will be a world without love. A God who does not have wrath over the horrible things of this world would be a naive and indifferent God.

In addition to that, the deeper the love, the greater the wrath. What is the greatest cost? What is the greatest expression of wrath? – the taking of life. Thus, the fact that God says that the wages of sin is death is evidence to the fact that his love for his glory and his creation is a love of the highest possible kind. This is also what God did in Christ, and thus simultaneously expressed his great wrath over sin and his infinite love for us.