Several factors in the last few months have prompted me to think about the subject of eternity, and on the vast implications that it has on the way that I live my life. As I think about the weight of this subject I am shocked at the fact that I so quickly forget its significance and feed my mind and heart on things of infinitely lesser significance.

The word of God shows us clearly that, compared to what lies beyond, this life is but a mist, a vapor that comes and goes, never to return again. The significance of this life depends on our relationship to eternity. “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his life?” (Mark 8:36).  These words are harsh but real – if our lives in this world are not leading to the ultimate life after death than all that we do here is just a vain curse. We are setting ourselves up for eternal suffering – where is the value of that?Against the backdrop of eternity, all of a sudden, life becomes so simple. Are we investing into that which is eternal? Good. Are we investing into that which is temporal? Evil. The desire for that which does not carry lasting value vanishes, along with any ability to enjoy it.

On the flip side, it is such a powerfully encouraging thing to think about the depth and significance of the life that I get to live here today because I am living in light of eternity.

The purpose of the universe is the grand display of the glory of God in his saving grace through his Son Jesus Christ. Those who come to faith in Christ and surrender their lives to him are plugged in to the intricate fabric of God’s amazing plan. Through the lives ministries of his people, the supremacy and glory of Christ is displayed in a way that infinitely surpasses anything else.

And by his amazing grace, I get to live this every day! What could be more amazing?

Every step of life, every conversation, every friendship, every interaction – anything that demands a piece of my life – is an opportunity to make an impact for the kingdom of God.

How could anyone ever want to live for anything else when they have come to taste this treasure? And yet I do. I often forget the supremacy of eternity and strive for lesser things.

Nevertheless the reality of eternity is unshakable, and by God’s grace, neither is my place in it. It is so awesome to be reminded of this truth and to constantly grow in a life of conviction based on what really matters.