The first days of marriage life are such a unique and precious time, blooming with excitement, warmth and love. Flying back from our honeymoon I just want to soak in every bit of this awesome time. The days that lie behind are already molding into sweet memories that will be cemented in my heart forever. The days that lie ahead are also full of promise and excitement. Sitting here in this crowded noisy airplane, with my lovely wife next to me, I am filled with a deep joy and excitement about life every time I stop to consider all that is happening.

Where will life go from here? How do I make the most of this magnanimous gift of grace which God so abundantly pours out into my life? Only time will tell.

One thing that I do however know for sure – it is all for his glory and praise alone. All that we have, every new breath of life, is a gift that we will never be able to deserve. The more of this goodness that Christ pours into my life, the more heavily I am weighed down by the greatness of his glory and grace in my life. The more beauty I see in this life, the more powerfully I am driven to the conviction that I MUST do all that I can to use this opportunity to put all that he has done in me on display.

Anything less would be to take all this beauty of life and to throw it all to the wind. The sparkling beauty of this life is a total waste unless it is used to reflect the glory of the One from whom it comes.

I am in awe of the sweet radiance with which life now dazzles. Moreover, I am in awe of the beauty of the great God who stands behind it all; the one who gives rise to all the beauty that life is filled with. He is the one who breathes purpose into it all. And this is exactly what I want him to do with my life everyday.