Due to the foggy craziness of nursing school I haven’t had a chance to write anything in quite a while. Its hard to free your mind from something so challenging and mind-filling as nursing school.

But as the last few weeks have dragged to an end it has been such a huge relief to be set free from that weight. I am surprised myself at the rate at which I have leaped out of the classroom and back into wrestling with questions about my convictions about life, about digging back into more Bible, and looking back at the last few months and seeking to learn something about what God is doing in my life.

I love working in the healthcare world and am very excited about becoming an RN. It is definitely a passion that will be part of the rest of my life. But as I look back over the last few months I can see that less time studying the Bible and being constantly shaped and challenged by it really causes my soul to dry out. It’s just how I am wired. It’s the most central component of my existence.

When I reflect back on life and truth and meaning this is the inevitable conclusion that I return to over and over again: nothing else matters aside from knowing God and knowing his perspective on life. Nothing else matters aside from being permeated and shaped by the things that God has said. This not only makes very strong logical sense, it also is the only thing that truly stirs my soul and moves me. It is something that has become the most foundational aspect of who I am.

I know that in our day and age most people think it even crazy to consider the idea that the biblical worldview can have any validity or foundation worthy of argument. Well it does. Often times, much more reason and foundation than most people in our relativistic culture have. Most people in our world just like to live without giving their foundation too much thought. In the last few years of always challenging and questioning the things I believe, in challenging the Bible and it’s historicity, reliability and veracity, my arguments against it have failed. I have been brought down and rebuilt by the undeniable power of God’s words. Its not just something that feels right. It is right; it is real.

Coming out of nursing school and looking ahead to a possibly promising nursing career, this is the conclusion that I come to once again: my life belongs to a much bigger and grander cause than nursing. I live a life a immeasurable value and purpose in understanding and exemplifying the gospel of Jesus Christ. Although I am excited for my nursing career I am even more excited to jump back into the Bible and to see how else God wants to use my life to put his story on display.