Studying and preparing for camp this year really made me reflect more on what an amazing thing God has done in creating the church. His methods and purposes are so completely and totally different than ours. We look to the powerful, the talented and the impressive to make all the difference. But what about him?

A couple of fishermen and tax collectors to change the whole world; a suffering servant to pay the price for eternal sin and become the Lord of the universe; a community of weary saints to be trophies of his grace and proclaimers of his good news to the world. God uses the most insignificant methods and tools to achieve some of this most amazing events in all of history.

Often times we look up to “the greats” as the ones who make all the difference. “As for all the rest of us, we are just humble followers. We don’t really matter much.” It’s really interesting that, having been in a few positions of responsibility and leadership, my perspective has changed completely.

People often look up to “the leaders” as the main drive of change and maturity in the church. But thats not really how the body works. Sure, good leaders are important. But what good is a strong heart when the legs are paralyzed, or the arms are broken? The real difference is made by numerous strong body parts that work hard to do their part than by the one “leader” at the head. Leaders are only as strong as the ones who follow them.

It is the individuals that are within the crowd, which are excited, rooted and growing, that are the ones that really fuel and impact the growth of the church. And this isn’t just ideas that I’m throwing around. This is the reality that I have come to see over and over again. Strong christians are like anchors in the crowd, which by their life, attitude, words and actions, uphold the standard, without even realizing what they are doing. They stabilize and strengthen the life and growth of the church simply by being themselves.

You don’t have to be “great” in the world’s definition, to play some of the strongest and most foundational roles in God’s epic story. God uses the simplest of tools. Indeed, this is one of the greatest marvel’s of the gospel story.

Are you an anchor? Or do are you one of the rolling barrels that causes the ship to rock more? Do you seek to examine your character and attitude to learn to build more and more of Jesus into your heart?

Every part is significant. When we commit ourselves to the wondrous work of Christ, we each become powerful tools of change, no matter who we are or where we come from.