This week I listened to a talk by Paul Tripp on marriage. A lot of it was similar to what he said in his other writings. Many of the phrases and ideas that he presented were not new. Neither was the idea that really struck me very new. It was a phrase that I had heard him say before, which never really struck me until now.

He was bringing up an example of one of his daily failures in his family life and how God exposed his selfishness and convicted him. He then went on to make the observation what a wonderful God we have that he works in our very simple daily situations, in the mundane things that will not really matter in a few years or weeks or months….or even hours. Indeed, most of us live very mundane lives and the things that we do will not have much lasting impact. As he pointed out, “Our great grandchildren will strain to remember even the most basic facts of our lives.”

“We live in the utterly mundane.”

Gosh that just really didn’t sit well with me.

Yet, is he not right? What do we do with our lives? In a culture where we busy ourselves with everything and nothing we are often unconsciously stuck running the proverbial treadmill of daily life, exerting energy and never really going anywhere in particular. This is so easy to do in a culture that is full of useless distractions. And it is a great mercy of God that he works with us in these daily trivialities, giving us attention and shaping us with his Truth.

Nevertheless does it really HAVE to be mundane? There is not much that disturbs me more than the thought that I am merely living a mundane life. A life that will disappear and not matter in a few short years. And this is where I must beg to differ with Tripp.

Left to myself, I am indeed a small little human with very little power to make any true difference. Most of us have a hard time figuring out the basics of our own daily lives, let alone seeking to impact others. However, this is where the truth of the Christian gospel shines in its full color.

The God who brought the universe into existence has a plan and a purpose for all that he has done, and he is accomplishing his goal in a manner that transcends our comprehension or power. He has come into this world, becoming one of us and diving head first into the mundane, empty and troubled lives that fill this world. And despite our weakness and rebellion against him, he seeks to bring us out of our mundane and empty lives and make us key players in his glorious and eternal plan.

This is humanity’s only exit off the highway of deadly uselessness. The gospel transforms every mundane moment into an opportunity to put the eternal truth of God on display in our lives, and to people that surround us. Our search for meaning and significance in anything but him is a vain pursuit that has been proven over and over by the thousands of years of humanity that has come before us. In Christ, every challenge, every conversation, every daily battle is full of eternal meaning.

How are you using this opportunity?