This week I got to attend the first ever, Tedx Bellingham event. It was inspiring and exciting to be among a group of people who were gathered to expand their minds, hear of new and useful ideas and grow in their understanding of the world around them. Indeed, ideas are some of the most powerful things that humans are capable of.

I walked away with a couple of ‘big ideas’ lingering on my mind.

It is quite amazing to really see the genius within all of us. The human capacity to think, create and influence its surroundings is quite an amazing thing. There seems to be no end to the possibilities of the things that simple people are able to create and accomplish. Each of us are a unique product of our surroundings, and each of us sees it all from a slightly different angle. There is great value in this variety of perspective and thought.

And yet as I take a step back and looking at it from the big picture, it is also a sad story. The more confident we become in our own independence and genius, the slipperier the slope gets. Our ideas can sound great and original on the surface, but what their ultimate end? Where do they finally lead us? It seems to me that unless our ideas are not connected to a foundation of truth outside of our subjective experiences and feelings, they are mere illusions, one being just as true as the next. What good is a kite that has no string? Although it may fly for a bit, it will most definitely fall back down, having no one to pick it back up and direct it back up into the winds.

Our understanding of reality is quite limited and feeble unless it is anchored down by the perspective of the One who invented reality, is it not? It seems to me that we have a tendency to allow ourselves to become too distracted with the fact that we are flying to notice that we have no real reason to believe that our flight will last longer than the next gust of wind.