What an amazing vacation. Huge whales, sunny beaches, delicious local food, great Hawaiian coffee, stunning scenery, colorful fish, majestic waves… Sigh. Words fail. It truly was an amazing time. So amazing in fact, that there isn’t any experience in life that I can compare to it. Going out to dinner the last night on Kauai and reflecting on the past week, I was just overwhelmed with wonder at how amazing everything was, how amazing God’s grace was even in this time that my wife and I had together. 

But the deeper reason that my reflection of this vacation was so striking was the fact that the reason that this vacation turned out so well was not because it, in and of itself, is so good, but because of the incomprehensible goodness of the love that we have together. I have never known such love and support. I have never been inspired and built up by another human being. Every day with my wife, no matter how challenging, is an experience that leaves me in wonder at the power of real, gospel centered love. This vacation was just a very stark and vivid reminder of this.

But what does THAT point to? Where is all this goodness of love coming from? Marriage is wonderful, but I don’t set my hope in that alone because I know that the reason behind its goodness is the reality of the work of the Gospel in our lives. The goodness of this relationship is simply the beautiful result of two followers of Christ holding one another up in their journey of knowing and living for Him alone.

Its all so beautiful. His work is so real, so vivid, almost palpable. Coming out of this most amazing vacation I am not at all sad that it is over. Rather, reflecting on the goodness of this time, I see it as an epitome of God’s work in our life. This inspires me more than ever to press forward, to grow in my life in the gospel, to devote my life to the things that truly matter, and too see what more amazing beauties of life God will unfold as he uses my life to his glory.

God’s goodness in this vacation is a powerful reminder of God’s goodness in my work, my family, my church and every else in between. I can’t wait to jump back into it all to taste and see more and more of his goodness in all these things.