Reading more history and biography these past couple of years has really shown me that there are so many different ways a life can be lived. More specifically, I am captivated by the examples of men and women who’s lives rose above the mundane and ordinary; people who made a powerful impression on their surroundings.

What is the common denominator in such a category of individuals?

A permeating sense of purpose.

The most powerful thing that can happen to a life is that it is gripped by a penetrating sense of purpose; a goal that cannot be shaken; a conviction that takes hold of their hearts and minds which defines the reason that they live.

This principle can be applied in a very broad sense, in any career field or aspect of history. The ones who made the difference were the ones who knew why they were here. When this deep sense of conviction grows on a person, it begins to fuel in them a deep passion and motivation that is not easily extinguished. It elevates that person’s standard of life and causes them to channel their time and energy into a more unified direction.

When we do not have a clear sense of identity and purpose we are always listening to the various voices and ideas around us, and inside us. We are trying to get a taste of everything and find that which is most pleasing and satisfying. We are divided.

A powerful conviction and a sense of purpose is the only thing that drives a person to live for something outside of themselves. It forces you to break out of our colorful world of desires and wholly give yourself to something. This is the only way we make an impact.

How do we get this? This is where the great dilemma emerges.

The reality is that the world around us is full of broken lives that crashed and burned under a dream that failed to deliver. How do I know that the thing to which I attach my sense of identity and purpose will not fail me?

This is a very difficult question. I am far from being in a position to say that I have arrived. Yet I must speak for what I have seen. The answer to this question must come from outside us. It must be built on a foundation that spans high above and beyond anything that our fickle hearts can come up with. The confused human heart is the most shaky of foundations. We must attach ourselves to a story that supersedes us and puts us in perspective with the great and mighty world in which we live.

As I look in retrospect at the past few years, I see that this is precisely what has happened in my life in relation to the story of the Jesus and all that he has done in history. I cannot prove anything to anyone, yet I know that no matter how much criticism I have applied to this story, my arguments have fallen short. In return, this story has criticized and exposed me unlike anything else.

Having spent this past week with a large and varied group of people who came to hear and think on this story, I see that I am not the only one. When the misconceptions are pushed aside,  the true story of Jesus and his kingdom changes hardened hearts and drives them to live fundamentally different lives. I continues to work despite strong opposition. It targets our hearts and needs on a variety of level.

Where does your passion and purpose come from? How do you know it would break your heart? Have you ever had a chance to interact with the actual story of Jesus and his Kingdom?


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