There is very little that is more important in life than the giving and sharing of trust between those who are closest to us. There is very little that gives a true sense of belonging or acceptance. These are the places that we do not have to be anyone or anything but our real selves; where there is true transparency and freedom to say what we think and take life as it comes.

What do we have if we do not have trust?

Yet, its amazing how many relationships we can develop without developing genuine trust. Its amazing how often we settle for hours spent in small talk and meaningless conversation while we conceal that which is truly gripping us on the inside.

Its even more amazing how easily we sometimes allow trust to slide and melt away. A conflict, a tense or awkward conversation, an episode of miscommunication – and those whom we trust can also be the ones who hurt us most. We allow the intoxicating effects of the grudge to set in and dissolve a living connection that we once held dear. True mutual understanding is often costly work and we are so prone to avoiding those pains rather than paying the full price of building real relationships.

And yet, what do we have if we do not have trust?

Without it we become a solitary little island of self enclosed interests, miserably drifting further and further from a life that touches others, a life that makes a difference, a life that has any weight and substance to it.

As time passes I am seeing that real relationships are hard to come by and the ones that I do have I am to cherish dearly. I am learning that the fight for real trust and understanding is worth it. This is something I want to do more of in this coming year.