One of the greatest convictions that has gripped me over the past couple of years is the power and priority of writing, not just for “writers” but for all of us regular folk. Historically speaking there are a thousand reasons to put your thoughts and convictions to pen and paper. I have mentioned these before. As I have given this issue more indepth thought in the past few weeks from a distinctly christian perspective its significance shines all the brighter.

We live in a digital age. What that means in a large sense is that we live in an age of mass information. Our ability to produce, communicate and store information grows exponentially, as does our exposure to it. We live in a world that is teaming with voices, words and ideas.

This world draws us in as if by an enchanting spell. It is irresistable. It is inevitable. To disconnect from the digital world of information is to disconnect from life itself. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, Google, WordPress, Evernote and many more are becoming an inseparable aspect of what it means to be human.

This has massive implications, both good and bad. One of the central implications is that we are constantly writing our thoughts. We are texting, commenting on pictures, responding to statuses, Tweeting and retweeting to the world around us. More than ever we are letting loose the words and ideas that fill our hearts. More than ever we are articulating and expressing our perspectives on the things we see. However short, stupid and mindless it may be, we are constantly writing.

Now, if you believe that the world is the product of random chance and has no actual meaning then this doesn’t really matter to you. But not so with the Christian. Christianity is not a religion that succumbs to the numerous flows of the ideas of history. Christians are not people who have the liberty of allowing their ever changing surroundings to dictate what they think or say.

No, Christians are people of a Book. A Book that reveals a God who speaks. A God who defines himself and the world around. A God who’s words form the backbone of the existence of the universe. Articulate, coherent, objective words. He is not a silent God. He makes his message known in a most profound and undeniable fashion.

Throughout history, faithful christians have always been people who, like the God they follow, were not silent. Gripped by the message of their God, they have been a people of deeply held convictions, words and ideas. The history of the church is built on the backs of people who labored meticulously in the details of accurately expressing, defining and defending that which they believe about the world in which they lived.

They took the world’s gushing waterfall of words and ideas head on. They weighed, analyzed and evaluated that which surrounded them in light of that which God has said. And they spoke and they wrote about it.

In todays world we are all writers in one form or another. What kind of writer are you? Many people in our time claim they believe in God, even the God of the Bible. However, the message they proclaim in their daily writings shows they believe in a God who is silent and obsolete. If we really believe in a God who speaks and writes, it is inevitable that his words, perspectives and ideas will be speaking and writing through us everyday.