There is an ancient teaching called Gnosticism which has, throughout the centuries, constantly sought to wriggle itself into the life of the church. At its essence, the idea is that there is a fundamental division between the spiritual and the physical. The Gnostic believes that he is saved by the possession of special knowledge. The physical world however, along with the body, is fallen and beyond saving or repair.

Many variations of this idea have surfaced and resurfaced in the history of christianity, with each following version tending to be more and more subtle and sneaky. And our day is indeed no exception¹. But how can this be so?? Don’t we live in a day of peak theological growth? Before a false teaching even appears, we already have a good book published on the issue! We have hundreds of sermons, articles, websites and magazines being put out every week defending and defining the Gospel of Jesus!


And by this we think we can save the world.


Never mind the fact that I have never spoken to my neighbor about my beliefs. But its ok, because I am influencing dozens of more people through my Facebook statuses, Tweets and articles!

This is made visible by our reaction to the current Planned Parenthood issue. Indeed we have made great progress. But looking around, it is utterly astounding how many christians are still in the dark about the issues in the air. “But what do I have to do with it? I already believe its wrong…” Thats all there is to it right? Knowledge?

Wake up people. Babies are being cut into pieces by the hundreds a few miles from where we are having our Bible studies and reading our great biblical books.

Woe to us hypocrites, who wave their gospel-centered swords from a safe distance. Woe to us, who write great biblical books, plant churches and attend conferences, yet stand by and do nothing as innocent blood is spilled and every inkling of morality is destroyed and redefined. And we wonder how something as atrocious as the Holocaust could have ever happened. The answer is staring at us in the face in the form of dissected baby parts in pie dishes.

Jesus preached salvation by faith, not by knowledge. Real faith permeates to the entire person, not just the brain. Real faith sinks deep down into the bones. We live for the story of Jesus and all that he came to accomplish, to be visible and palpable proclamations of his kingdom. That means standing up for all that is good and right and true.

“For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so also faith apart from works is dead.” (James 2:26)

You believe in Jesus? Prove it. Open your eyes, read the paper, vote, get involved in the Planned Parenthood fight.

Heres some practical steps:

  1. Watch the videos put out by the Center for Medical Progress
  2. Read this and this article to get a overview of the practical goals and steps right now in the fight for life.
  3. Join the nation wide protest tomorrow, August 22nd. Click here to find a location near you.
  4. Share, comment and repost articles like this to raise awareness.
  5. Ask your pastors and leaders how your church can be more fruitful in its local community.

1. I am indebded to recent conversations with Doug Wilson for pointing out the relationship between Gnosticism and our current evangelical trends.