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Memories from Middle Earth

Well here goes. A few months after completing my slow, but steady trek through the story of the Lord of the Rings, I will endeavor to share some of my thoughts on this epic tale. On the one hand, I feel as inadequate as the hobbit himself must have felt as he understood the enormity of his task. What can I say that will do justice to such a mighty work of literary genius? Perhaps my expression of my feeling of inadequacy is itself a first statement of how deeply impressed and moved I am by this story. Continue reading

Chronological Snobbery

In some of my recent thoughts and readings, I have been digging through a good amount of history. Some of it for educational purposes, some it if for fun. Frankly, I have always loved reading history. To me, its always been an adventure that is more real or profound than any novel or fictional writing. History is the story of those who came before us; those who shaped the world to make it what it is today! Surely this is worthy of our time.

The most primary reason that I value reading history is because its such a rich opportunity to learn from the lives of others. When we deal with conflicts in our daily lives, the great challenge in making the right decision, or cultivating the right reaction is that we cannot know what our choices will lead to. But when we read history, we have a chance to sit in the background and watch the events unfold without knowing any pressure or struggle ourselves. We can sit in the shadow and watch how decisions are made, risks are taken, and victories are claimed. We can observe people and their behavior. We can learn from the past mistakes and their terrible consequences. What an excellent opportunity for life!  Continue reading

The Joker Inside All of Us

In the past few months I have had the opportunity to watch the Batman movies. Up until now I have avoided them, assuming that like all the other superhero movies, they were gonna be quite predictable, cliche and superficial, leaving my brains full of useless information. Yet my interest was sparked when I continued to hear positive things about   the films from some good people.

Aside from the amazing score, great directorship, and an interesting story line, the main reason that I appreciated these movies is the depth of questions that they raised. The questions of the battle between good and evil are common topics that show up in fictional stories. However,  these films don’t just address the battle on the large spectrum of life. They take it the focus down deeper, putting the spotlight on the human heart itself.

Continue reading

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