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Vacation, Marriage and the Glory of God

What an amazing vacation. Huge whales, sunny beaches, delicious local food, great Hawaiian coffee, stunning scenery, colorful fish, majestic waves… Sigh. Words fail. It truly was an amazing time. So amazing in fact, that there isn’t any experience in life that I can compare to it. Going out to dinner the last night on Kauai and reflecting on the past week, I was just overwhelmed with wonder at how amazing everything was, how amazing God’s grace was even in this time that my wife and I had together.  Continue reading

The Power of Marriage

It seems like we live in a society that has nearly completely ceased to believe in marriage. I was not the least surprised to see the crazy looks that I got when I told various people at work and school that I was getting married last year. The widespread impact of the sexual revolution of the past few decades has largely forced out the acceptance of the idea of unconditional, lifelong commitment to one individual.

After all, why would you commit to someone in this way? You never know who they might become tomorrow. What if you wake up one morning and find that the person that you thought was so perfect is actually full of flaws and imperfections? With our consumer mentality, we want a person who will fit us and won’t challenge or stretch us too much.

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Beauty, Joy and Glory

The first days of marriage life are such a unique and precious time, blooming with excitement, warmth and love. Flying back from our honeymoon I just want to soak in every bit of this awesome time. The days that lie behind are already molding into sweet memories that will be cemented in my heart forever. The days that lie ahead are also full of promise and excitement. Sitting here in this crowded noisy airplane, with my lovely wife next to me, I am filled with a deep joy and excitement about life every time I stop to consider all that is happening.

Where will life go from here? How do I make the most of this magnanimous gift of grace which God so abundantly pours out into my life? Only time will tell.

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Her Amazing Love

Im back!! Well, sort of…

One of the biggest reasons that I have not blogged for the last four months is that my world has been completely turned upside down (or should I say, right side up) by one certain amazing individual. I am here to, both repent of my lazy lack of blogging, and to make an attempt at justifying it. If I fail in the latter I will have the former to lean on.

Where have I been? Well, I have been having the great privilege of watching two souls collide into one. And what an amazing thing it has been. Despite my total weakness and inadequacy in life, God has brought the most visible and undeniable reminder of his love and grace right into the center of my undeserving life. Continue reading

The Problem of Love

It has been quite fascinating for me to start to notice recently the prevalent power of love in the life of the human heart. We don’t have to look far to see it. Turn on the radio, see the latest movie, open a random book – and you will very likely find it there. It is quite intriguing to notice that the vast majority of, even just music and poetry, is dedicated to this subject of love. What seems to be more interesting is the fact that most of the things that people write or sing on the subject, is not about the successful achievement of love, but rather about its brokenness and illusive nature.

Looking for love in the life around, you probably won’t find love itself, but you will find a passionate search for it. This seems to be something without which the human heart can seldom live. Everywhere you turn you can always see people who are searching for love in their lives. We all seem to have such a clear perception of what it is, and what it looks like, and yet perfect love always seems to be something we see everywhere except our own real lives. Continue reading

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