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Winston Churchill and the Power of the Written Word

People die and fade away. Even the personal memory of those who knew them fades. But there is one things that does not fade away: their words. What one writes down, continues to have resounding impact on the world many many years after the author has faded from the scene. Those who were most influential hundreds of years ago are still some of the most influential ones today through the things they have written. They continue to shape how people think and live, people they never would have met, people they never would have understood. This is the marvelous power of the written word.

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The “War on Calvinism” is Killing Our Churches

Numerous events in the history of the church will be remembered and wondered at. At some points it is simply fascinating to see how God works in the church. At some points it is confusing and heartbreaking. The latter is what fills my heart these past few years as I witness all around me this “War on Calvinism” that seems to have taken hold of the Slavic Baptist churches.

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That On Which We Stand

We spend our lives thinking about many things. But how often do we think about how and why we think? I am reading a book these past few days which has really stimulated my thinking and challenged the way I see much of what surrounds me these days. Al Mohler’s The Conviction to Lead is a book that really reflects the depth and breadth of life that this man has lived, and the incredible amount that he has been able to accomplish is such a relatively short time.

As I read Mohler’s discussion of the key components of effective leadership, I can’t help but notice the utter absence of it in the world that surrounds me. Mohler explains that effective leadership is rooted in an active, passionate and convictional approach to life. You don’t have to look very far to see that there are not very many people who live this way.

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Anchors in the Crowd

Studying and preparing for camp this year really made me reflect more on what an amazing thing God has done in creating the church. His methods and purposes are so completely and totally different than ours. We look to the powerful, the talented and the impressive to make all the difference. But what about him?

A couple of fishermen and tax collectors to change the whole world; a suffering servant to pay the price for eternal sin and become the Lord of the universe; a community of weary saints to be trophies of his grace and proclaimers of his good news to the world. God uses the most insignificant methods and tools to achieve some of this most amazing events in all of history.

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