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That Crazy Stuff People Believe

Have you heard some of the crazy stuff people believe these days? I mean its nuts. For one, there are those thousands of people that believe that that God wants them to take over the world for him, murdering, robbing and raping anyone who gets in the way. There’s also people that think that God just created the whole universe in 6 days. Yeah, just erase hundreds of years of scientific research for the sake of a “Holy Book” that was written thousands of years ago. If that’s not wild enough, there are people who actually look out on the universe and see nothing but a biological machine completely void of any intrinsic meaning or purpose. Many of these people really believe that love and beauty are not real at all – they are mere evolutionary mirages who’s sole function is to keep us moving. Talk about crazy!

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The Intolerance of Tolerance

A few weeks ago I came across a podcast recording of a conversation between D.A. Carson and Al Mohler which really challenged my perspective on how our culture approaches ideas and arguments.

One of the most important aspects of our existence is being able to face, understand and think about the world that surrounds us. We live our lives propelled by our perspectives on the life that surrounds us. The ideas that fill our minds and hearts are the most important determiners of our direction and fate in this great big world. We all believe in something, live for something, desire something, etc. Continue reading

Ashamed of the Gospel?

It is a shame that christians often have the same view of the gospel as non-christians. What do I mean by this? We listen to the world around us as it laughs at the story of Christ, and over time, that belief starts to seep into our own minds. Little by little we start to believe the idea that the gospel is foolish and sounds like a bunch of rubbish. This causes christians to be scared of thinking out loud about what they believe and having quality conversations about it with the various people that surround them.

I think that part of the problem is the fact that not only christians, but it seems like everyone in our time is so hesitant to talk about what they believe in. We live in a culture that says that everyone makes up their own faith and truth and anyone who starts to defend what they stand for is being controlling and intolerant. Continue reading

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