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The Greatest Story

I am filling out an application to the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. One of the questions on the application was, “Please explain your understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ”.  I found it deeply refreshing to rinse my mind once again in that which is the heart of all that I believe and think.  Continue reading

Moving Forward in Russian Church Culture

This week, an article addressing issues and concerns over the condition of the Russian-American church made a big splash on the social media world. Within a few hours, the article got over a thousand hits and dozens of comments. What started out as one young woman sharing her personal concerns for her culture and church  quickly became an explosion of strong feelings, opinions and disagreements. Apparently there are many many young people who feel very strongly about challenges within our denomination.  Surprised? Not really…

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3 Powerful Basics

Time changes our view of life. I am really seeing this these last couple of months. One of the things it does is it takes some of the “basic” lessons of life that we think we know and reveals a depth and power to them that we have not seen. I am always thinking about youth life and my own life and the things that God has been teaching me.

Over the last couple of months I am really starting to see the power of the basic foundational parts of the christian walk. When we look at history, those who were used by God in mighty and powerful ways didn’t stand out because of some special, unique thing they did. They stood out in their deep roots in the basics. Daniel prayed. David worshiped. Moses wanted to be closer and closer to God. Paul loved the church. Jesus spoke the truth. Continue reading

Attacking God’s Inerrancy

I have the privilege of spending the week at Shepherds Conference. This is an annual gathering of leaders and pastors from all over the world to spend time in fellowship, learning and encouragement. This year is different however, because this years conference is built around the topic of the inerrancy of the Bible.

One of the repeated questions that keeps coming up in this conference is, “Why does this debate keep resurfacing? Didn’t we settle this years ago? Didn’t these objections get cleared up decades ago?”

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Reshaping The Facts

“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” ¹

John Adams said these words in his defense of the British troops involved in the, so called, Boston Massacre. No one else would defend them in court at the time. Tensions between the colonies and Great Britain were at their peak. An event like this was merely another major spark in a fire that was ready to roar.

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